SR-3050 Slab Roller


The SR-3050 can produce up to a 3″ thick slab. Its TWO-ROLLER system evenly distributes pressure on the slab to reduce warping. The dual hand-wheels and thickness indicator provide synchronized fine adjustment and allow for precise control of the slab thickness. The SR-3050 includes a wagon wheel handle that provides effortless feeding of slab through rollers in either direction. It features a large 30″ x 50″ table for plenty of workspace and comes with one canvas set to complete the package.


    • Two-roller system evenly distributes pressure on slab to reduce warping
    • Dual hand-wheels provide synchronized fine adjustment that allow for precise control of slab thickness with the turn of one handle
    • Thickness indicator allow for precise control of slab thickness
    • Handle type: Wagon wheel or crank handle creates effortless feeding in either direction
    • Frame material constructed of heavy gauge steel
    • 1 year Warranty
Dimensions 39 ¼" x 50 " x 49" (W x L x H)
Table Dimensions 30" x 50"
Table Height 36"
Weight 162 lbs
Shipping Weight 172 lbs (Shipped unassembled in 4 cartons)

SR-3050 Slab Roller Drop-Ship Promotion

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