Our Story

NIDEC-SHIMPO has a long history within the Ceramic Arts world going back to the 1950’s. The SHIMPO wheel has become one of the most respected and recognized tools of the pottery trade and, for potters across the globe, the SHIMPO name has become synonymous with quality and performance.

Our company’s initial involvement came about when NIDEC-SHIMPO was asked to incorporate our patented mechanical variable speed drives into early versions of the Pottery Wheel. At the time, it was a major advancement to the ceramic arts world. As motor technology evolved, the wheels no longer required those mechanical drives systems, but NIDEC-SHIMPO continued to perfect the motorized pottery wheel design to provide unparalleled performance.

As we became more entrenched within the ceramics arts world, we began to develop other related products that supported pottery production. We now offer a large range of products that help studios and classrooms with all aspects of production and/or training. After NIDEC acquired our company in the mid-1990’s, we gained more expertise in motor design and we were able to leverage NIDEC’s large volume motor manufacturing capabilities. Due to the advancement, the motors and drives systems for our pottery wheels have always outpaced the competition in terms of quality, performance, and overall value.

We are very proud to have developed a very strong dealer and support network across the globe. NIDEC-SHIMPO has more than 150 dealers throughout the world that have become the backbone of our company. Together with them, NIDEC-SHIMPO aims to provide artists with the best tools and support possible.

A Tradition of Excellence