Product Catalog

Full Catalog

Our full catalog includes, Pottery Wheels, Pugmills, Slab Roller, Banding Wheels and accessories.

Pottery Wheels

Pottery wheel includes, SHIMPO RK-3E, SHIMPO RK-3D, SHIMPO WHISPER-T, SHIMPO RK-55, SHIMPO RK-5T/RK-5TF and accessories.


Pugmills includes, NRA-04/04S, NVA-04S, NVS-07, PM-071 and accessories.

Slab Roller

Slab roller TSR model.

Ball Mill & Jigger Arm

Ball mill and Jigger Arm Attachments.

Banding Wheels

Banding wheels models include, BW-30MC, BW-25HC, BW-25L, BW-22L and BW-18L.