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Vl-Lite Potter's WheelVL-Lite Potter's Wheel

A Truly En "Lite" tening Potter's Wheel!

Designed with the potter in mind, the VL-Lite is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. "Lite" enough to carry yet sturdy enough to throw on. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splash pan, workspace, 100-watt reversible motor, an automatic belt-tensioning system and a "Lite" price.


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VL-Lite Potter's Wheel
Electronic Controller Delivers smooth steady speed control at maximum torque
Broad Speed Range Allows optimum speed under all load conditions
Reversibility Accommodates left and right hand users
Built-in Breaker Motor is protected from overload
Remote Foot Pedal Accommodate all throwing positions
Two-piece Splash Pan Completes the package
Warranty 5-year
VL-Lite Potter's Wheel
Motor ½ hp, 100W DC
Speed Control Remote Foot Pedal
Wheel-head Speed 0-250 rpm
Wheel-head Direction Clockwise/Counter-clockwise
Centering 25 lbs.
Wheel-head 12" Alloy with Bat-pins
Dimensions 22" x 28" x 21"
Wheel Weight 51 lbs.
Ship Weight 84 lbs.
VL-Lite data sheet  

VL-Lite Potter's Wheel data sheet

Download Data Sheet

VL-Lite manual  

VL-Lite Potter's Wheel manual

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Hump Mold Throwing System  

Hump Mold Throwing System

The New Hump Mold Throwing System fits any SHIMPO potter's wheels. Contact your local dealer to order.

7.5" Plaster Plate Hump Mold
Product number: WHM7PL
Suggested Retail Price: $16.95

7.5" Plaster Bowl Hump Mold
Product number: WHM7BL
Suggested Retail Price: $16.95

9" Plaster Plate Hump Mold for Wheel
Product number: WHM9PL
Suggested Retail Price: $20.00

Mold Hump Adapter Bat (Fits any SHIMPO Wheel)
Product number: WHM-AD-BAT
Suggested Retail Price: $29.00

Potter's tools  

SHIMPO Potter's Tools

Introducing traditional Japanese-style pottery tools. Use these traditional Japanese-style pottery tools to enhance your throwing skills and explore new possibilities on the potter's wheel. Chose from a variety of pottery tools that have been carefully selected for your wheel-throwing needs. Contact your local dealer to order

Contact SHIMPO for pricing (800) 237-7079


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VL-Lite potter's wheel video demo