For the past several years, SHIMPO CERAMICS has been attending numerous events as well as providing wheel-throwing demonstrations across the country. SHIMPO CERAMIC's current staff includes Karen Wise, Vijay Paniker, and Lauren Szczerski.

We are happy, having the help of many of our dealers and various schools and ceramic studios, that we are able to continue these demonstrations across the country.

February 5-7, 2016, Alabama Clay Conference, AL

April 5, 2015, New Mexico Clay Open House, NM

MARCH 25-28, 2015, NCECA, Providence, RI

March 26-28, 2015, NAEA, New Orleans, Louisiana

April 3-5, 2014, New Mexico Clay Open House, NM

March 28-31, 2014, NAEA, San Diego, CA

March 19-21, 2014, NCECA, Milwaukee, WI

February 21-22, 2014, Alabama Clay Conference, AL

February 7-9, 2014, Potters Council Lexington, KY