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Aspire TabletopRK-5T / RK-5TF Tabletop

Amazing, affordable, and accommodating… Aspire!

SHIMPO's RK-5T / RK-5TF tabletop potter's wheel can handle your most creative challenges. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable; and yet its 10 kg centering capacity makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom.




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RK-5T / RK-5TF Tabletop
Tabletop Wheel Portable with built-in work table
Speed Control Available with a hand lever control or foot pedal control
Wheel-head Direction ccw and cw (must be ordered accordingly)
Wheel Weight Light weight tabletop wheel (12 kg)
Splash Pan Included One-piece splash pan
Bats Included Two Bats Included
Centering 10 kg
RK-5T / RK-5TF Tabletop
Motor 100W DC
Speed Control Lever Handle (Foot Pedal available)
Wheel-head 17.78 cm alloy with bat pins
Wheel-head Speed 0 – 230rpm
Centering W 365 x D 515 x H 230 mm
Wheel Weight 12 kg
Two Bats 250 mm
Aspire data sheet  

RK-5T Tabletop data sheet

Download Data Sheet

Aspire data sheet  

RK-5TF Tabletop data sheet

Download Data Sheet

Aspire manual  

RK-5T / RK-5TF Tabletop manual

Download Manual


Aspire Bat  

RK-5T / RK-5TF

Bat made exclusively to fit the RK-5T / RK-5TF tabletop potter's wheel. Bat dimensions 250 mm. Contact your local dealer to order.


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RK-5T / RK-5TF tabletop potter's wheel video